Reuse Planning

Reuse Planning

Complementary to our approach to planning and procurement is reuse planning. Reusing equipment and furniture reduces costs, promotes environmental stewardship and is an easy way to contribute to sustainable design practices.

Radixos’ experienced inventory teams conduct thorough physical inventories of equipment using efficient techniques and cutting edge technology. We schedule our onsite time to make sure we stay out of your way so you and your people can keep doing your jobs while we get our job done. If needed, we can evaluate existing equipment for reuse capabilities including equipment specifications and requirements. Additionally, Radixos can track inventory purchase, delivery, storage and installation.

We use handheld PDA’s utilizing inventory gathering software developed by Radixos. These are used in conjunction with wireless Bluetooth bar code scanners whenever possible. Where the clinical situation does not allow for Bluetooth transmission, Radixos uses bar code scanners that plug directly to the PDA’s compact flash slot via a cable connection.

All required relevant data is captured as part of the inventory process and includes an assessment of the condition of the equipment. Many other data points can be gathered and include, but are not limited to: quantity, location, manufacturer, model number and utility requirements. In addition, we have the capability to incorporate digital photos of inventoried items. These images are then stored in our database and are linked to each data record.

You have access at anytime to your data, simply logon to the Radixos Project Center. The most commonly used report formats are available online and are extremely easy to use. You’ll be viewing your inventory data and any linked digital images within a minute of logging on. You can export your data in formats that are compatible with your systems such as Microsoft Excel or Adobe Acrobat.

If you need your new inventory data reconciled back to your records, we can do that too. Our data processing team excels at handling vast quantities of data accurately and quickly.