About Radixos

Radixos is a full service Fixtures, Furniture and Equipment FF&E firm that focuses on healthcare, educational development and correctional projects. We are recognized for a track record of providing well detailed equipment and furniture plans and specifications.

Our design philosophy fully compliments and coordinates with the client’s standards, recent purchases, the regional setting of the facility and with the most advanced technology available. For us, the challenge is to support our clients’ business goals and to positively affect the lives of those who work in the spaces we outfit, making places that promote healing, wellness, learning and more.

Radixos has no self interest or procurement agreements with any manufacturer, vendor or purchasing organization. We evaluate client specified manufacturers and vendors based on quality, price and performance.

Radixos began as a technology company and has developed a powerful database application to capture, catalog and retrieve relevant information. We encourage clients to access their project data free of charge. It is our system, and has no subscription fees or third party obligations.


Radixos maintains close working relationships with leading architectural, engineering and construction firms. We focus our skills and self perform only in our area of expertise. We do not compete with architectural and engineering firms for the design of the building, so we are a logical and exceptional addition to any team.

Social Responsibility

Improving our communities with the way we work. As a company, we support several organizations that endeavor to improve education and health conditions in the communities where we work. These charitable actions include everything from volunteering and donating to our clients’ foundations, providing internship programs and sponsoring programs within Radixos, to training members in our community on our technology so they can be productive and marketable in our ever dynamic environment.


To preserve our valuable resources, Radixos strives in many ways to protect the environment. We integrate power consumption into our daily processes and promote the use of recycled products, which helps preserve forest resources and creates less pollution overall.


Founded in 2002. We’ve provided services on significant projects across the Pacific Coast and Southwest. We work on small scale projects and major public works initiatives with equal dynamism. For more than a decade, building owners, Architects and Project Managers have turned to Radixos because our diverse team combines strong and specialized knowledge with outstanding customer service.