Radixos On-line

Equipment selection and installation requires supporting a wide range of information through database and user interface technologies.

Radixos is firmly committed to providing the latest technology to fulfill client project requirements. Our non-proprietary open architecture MS SQL solutions utilizes proven platforms to minimize costly customization.

Project data is available dynamically through the Radixos Project Center. This extensive database is accessible through the internet or an extranet connection. Radixos understands that access to accurate, timely information is the foundation for well-informed decision making.

The Radixos Data Management System Provides:
  • 24/7 real time access to extensive reporting capability
  • a powerful collaborative tool
  • solid security to safeguard your data
  • customized security levels for appropriate access
  • Web accessible project specific data developed within our existing Master Database
  • Data libraries of rooms, items, accessories / options, manufacturers, vendors and cost estimates
  • Online library of catalog cuts, specification sheets, manuals and CAD blocks.
  • Exportable data in system compatible formats, such as Microsoft Excel and .Pdf

Radixos works to discern the most convenient method for access to project information. At Radixos we understand that one process does not work for every client, so we will work to assist in timely and secure access to critical project information.

As part of our overall customer service package, Radixos provides our project center at no additional cost to our clients (includes an unlimited amount of users and requires no fees or special software).