Equipment Planning

Planning the equipment is one of the major efforts on every project. Radixos offers planning solutions from the initial equipment schedule through a final buy list. It is a systematic process sequenced and coordinated with the project phases, resulting in accurate cost estimates and productive pre-construction collaboration between equipment vendors, installers, the design team and contractors.


Our detailed specifications draw from numerous relevant completed projects, and planning specialists extensive knowledge, offering detailed and sensible solutions during the equipment selection process.


We have our own database systems which contain thousands of equipment and furniture specifications, catalogs, price lists and room types. It is web accessible and has flexible, exportable reports.

Layout Drawings

An integral and necessary function of equipment planning, equipment layout drawings or CAD layouts provide visual verification of the functionality and workflow of the planned equipment for each space. We coordinate our layouts fully with architectural, mechanical, electrical and structural elements. In addition, installers and transition managers rely on our layout drawings to support their efforts after the procurement of equipment.

Budget and Cost Estimates

Our budget and cost estimating services are fully integrated and supportive of the equipment planning phase. We extract quantities, pricing and schedules from the project database and generate cost estimates at key project milestones. These estimates are compared to the project budgets providing constant cost reporting throughout the duration of the project.


We have no ties to suppliers and are non-proprietary, allowing us to remain free of commitments and operate unbiased and in the best interest of the client. Radixos is independent and specializes in our area of work. We don’t compete with architects, engineers and contractors in the core area of work, which allows us to be an excellent addition to the project team.