Installation Support Services - Delivery, Move and Occupancy

At Radixos, we partner with clients to build a completely integrated transition solution. Whether they want to outsource their entire move and occupancy requirements, a specific segment, or simply enhance their own capabilities, Radixos' customized solutions will meet their needs. Outsourcing to Radixos is more than just cost control; it is a competitive tool that allows clients to adapt to change without impacting on-going operations. Our team uses our processes and our technologies to create solutions with sustainable procedures and cost-benefit rationalized solutions.

Project Material Order Fulfillment
  • Project purchase order tracking
  • Project warehouse management
  • Transportation implementation. Radixos is a specialist in remote site logistics
  • Reverse solutions including swap-in, swap-out, de-configuration, de-activation, refurbishment, repair and recycling
  • Parts Banking - project critical stocking and start-up equipment and supplies
Move / Project Start-Up
  • Pre-move planning
  • Detailed CAD layout planning
  • Move contractor selection
  • Warehouse and location management services
  • FF&E Install, new and existing
  • On-site quality control and quality assurance
  • Testing and calibration coordination
  • Move plan and move handbooks
  • Public relations
  • Department / Staff consultation
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Staff safety
  • Orientation
  • Staff move
Post Occupancy
  • Lessons learned
  • Inventory management
  • Payment approvals
  • Surplus - Asset sale & disposal
  • Warranty tracking and documentation
  • Punch lists
  • Claims preparation, filing and settlement
  • Operations & Maintenance Manuals (O&M) receipt and organization
  • Maintenance management system updating